Success today #60

The power of self discipline.
Self discipline successs today
How powerful is your self discipline?
Self-discipline does accomplish more that eloquence or the most brilliant talents. An ordinary mind, well disciplines, will accomplish more and higher work than will the most highly educated mind and greatest talents without self control.
Success today self discipline A story is told of a leader named Aaron. He had two sons named Nadab and Abihu. Aaron was a priest. He failed to train his kids the habit

Choose to be good…

of self control. He lacked firmness for the right and for sure he neglected the discipline of his children. He permitted his sons to follow inclinations. Habits of self indulgence were cherished for long.   He didn’t teach the boys to respect his authority nor the necessity of obedience. They had no self disciline thus they perished just before the altar for being disobedient to requirements of  God.  pp360

border collie dog keeps cake on her nose
Its powerful to discipline your character.

To be successful, one needs the discipline to do the best he or she can. It takes self discipline to always do the right thing, not to let go, the discipline to understand our part in the community or company or school and do it to the best, the discipline to keep time and work hard.


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