Success today #58

The Power of image.

image success today..

There are a number of images. The image other people see in you, the image you see yourself, the image you show, the inner image of you. The image other people see you does matter a lot. If they see you as a leader, they will always choose you as a leader, if they see you as someone who has control, they will trust you, If they see you knowing where you are heading they will do follow.
image 5
The image portrayed that is in control is the powerful element. If you show you are in control of what you do, what you believe, all kinds of situations, your life, your devisions, your responsibilities, you will always win people. You will always attract people.People always want to be around people who have power and control. People who know how to use their influence.
image 4Image of yourself too does matter. Your dressing code, the smile you wear, the way you talk, the way you think, your learning capacity, your response to challenges and even abusing words. Good news is you can always change, learn and develop your image. Always aim to have the best image.
image success today
What is your image?

The image you see of yourself is the ultimate. Its from the image you have of yourself that will help you develop the right self esteem, the best self confidence, fight to be self reliant, be the lender and not the borrower, work harder and even keep trying.


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