Success today #56

The power of preparation.
preparation success today
Most often, we do preparation before working on something. We go to primary school to prepare to join High school, we read for for years preparing for the national exams at the end of the year. Our lives are marred with lots of preparations. It takes time to prepare and be ready.
Life gives success to those who prepare to succeed. Its does not waste success on those who have not taken time to plan and learn, who are not prepared to use success wisely, who are not prepared to make a fortune too.
Success today prepare
Life was designed not to give us what we need, nor what we want but what we do deserve. Every value must be paid. Those who get the value must pay for it. It says those who give receives. Not those who wish to receive will receive. Just concentrate on giving and you will receive. Concentrate on searching and you will find. If you want good Ideas you must search for them, if you want good plans, you must search for them too. Good ideas indeed are not going to be wasted on those who are waiting but to those who are searching.
Always prepare your self for the coming fortunes, for the coming challenges, for the coming surprises and opportunities.

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