Success today #51

Questions to always ponder.

3D Character and Question Mark
Questions to always ponder


1. Why?

Why should you always work hard? why attend so many classes? why go to church? why succeed? why invest? why take notes? why read so many books? The best answer is the second question.

2. Why not?

Why not see how many books you can read, how many skills you can develop, how many classes you can take, how many employees you can employ? Why not see how much valuable you can be to the market place, or your family or your friends? Why not see how much you can earn, how much you can share, how much you can write, how many places you can visit, how many cars you can drive, how big the house you can live? Why not?

3. Why not you?

Take this as a personal question, why not me? Why not me with good self esteem, why not me changing my mind and setting better goals? Why not me being the leader, why not me having a company,   or a business. If someone can do it you too can do it, if someone can memorize the Bible you too can do it.

4. Why not now?

Now is always the best time. Why not set the goals now, why not start working to the best now, why not start your journey to financial independence now?

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