Success Today #49

Setting goals.

Setting Goals


 My dad usually tells me “if you fail to set a goal, you will not fail to fail. Its like planning to fail.” So how do we set goals!
When setting goals we always have to look at the future. There are four things to consider.

1. The past.

The Future, The Past Green Road Sign Over Dramatic Clouds and Sky.
Take the past just as a school.
Always take the past as a school.  A place where you learn from your successes and challenges, what went on well or what dint work right and so on. Don’t take it as a burden to curry on with yourself, always remembering the negative features in your life history. Don’t use it as a club to hit yourself to death as many do.

2. The future.

Future success today
How do you feel of the future? We mist have the future well designed. It is like a promise. The promise of the future can be an awesome force for your own future. There are two ways to face the future. With apprehension and with anticipation. Many people do face the future with apprehension. Why? Because the future is not well designed. They have left the it to someone else. You can only face the future with anticipation only when it is clear, when it is well designed.

3 Decide what you want.

Success goals
You just sit and think. What do I want? What kind of skills do I want, what kind of house do I want to live in? What places do I want to go? Where do I want to live? What habits do I want? Just take a little time to think about it. make a list and write it down.

4. Keep the old list of goals.

Setting Goals today
Its fun and motivates to see all the achieved set goals. Just make sure to tick all the goals beaten.
Remember always when setting goals, set something that will make something out of you. Take for example, I make a goal to be a millionaire. I have all the reasons to work to get that number of digits in my account, I have time to look for skills and learn. Indeed that will make me work harder and do things better as well as even think better. At last you will realize that having all the money is not of any use. Money is not valuable but what you become to earn. The skills, knowledge of the market place and many more lessons you acquire that are of high value. Its not what you get that makes you valuable, Its what you become.

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