Success today #48

Personal Development.


Success today.How can you have a improving personal development everyday; every day , economically and mentally. Here are a couple of ways .

1. Money.
We get paid for bringing value to the market place. It takes time to bring value to the market place but we don’t get paid for the time we spend. Someone may say they are paid ksh 3000 per hour but that is not true. Value can be paid but not time. Wait, is it possible to be twice valuable in a marketplace and earn twice in within the same time span? The answer is yes, you can even be ten times valuable or more within the same time span! Why would a marketplace like freelancing pay someone ksh 60 per hour and pay another ksh 20,000 over the same time span? The answer is simple, one is of more value to the marketplace. Not to the family or school or government. Someone can be just five times valuable while another could ten times and another a hundred times. You must be asking yourself like how can I be even 500 times valuable in a market place.
In my research, I have learned that to be of more value in a marketplace, you have to work harder on yourself than you do on your job.
2. Learn from personal experience.
Learn from what happens to you. Look back to a few months ago or a year or two. Evaluate the aspects of interest, did you made it or you failed? How can you do it better this year, next month, or in the next two years.
3. Learn from other peoples experience
These are your teachers, your mentors, your parents, your friends.. you may learn from their experiences, they may pass to you how they have changed their bank accounts, the challenges they have faced, how they have come to succeed and changed their future. There are two kinds of people to learn from. Failures and they who have done well. However no one will fail and come tell and ask you to take notes how he lost his job, how the family moved to some slum, how he lost friends and so on. That would be valuable. However we have to learn fro those who have succeed.
There are a number of ways to learn from other people.
1. Learning by observation.
 We learn what we see. We look at what the successful people do, how they eat, how they use their time, how they are busy, how they are discipline and so on.
2. Learning by hearing.
You learn by listening to your teacher, your parent or someone who is of value. Go to a lecture, go to church or listen to someone in a good program.
3. Reading.
Read as much books as you can in your lifetime. It is the best way to learn and know more.  Be smart enough to have a library, smart enough to read all the books in it and to keep buying more. Of-course one of the best books to have and refer most often is the Bible. Learn from the stories in it, from the legends and all the various lessons . Also, have a journal to note something that is good or impress you as you do the reading.

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