Success today #46


SDuccess Today Change


Change is to make a difference, to become different in essence or to cause a transformation. If you wanna change the future, you have to change. You have to change your habits, you have to change the time you go to sleep, you have to change your eating habits, you have to change your reading styles, you have to change your friends, you have to change what you hear or what you read for leisure, how you think or even how you spend. If you don’t change, the next five years will be just like the past five years.If you change, everything will change for you, if you become better, everything will become better for you. You may hope the government will change, or your boss will pay you more or your friends will be better people or your parents will earn more or may be the conditions will get better. All will keep on just the same. Its like the wind, will always be moving. If you choose to move to where the wind blows, you wont get anywhere but we still must use wind to achieve our dreams, achieve success, go higher, go to places and do more. We must not leave our future just to the government, to the economy, to our parents, to our friends, to our boss. Here is what you have to do. You must learn to set a good sail. Don’t wish for  a better wind, thats fleece-able, the key is to seek the wisdom and knowledge so you can set a good sail to your goal.
Change success todayWhen you change, you dont go to work thinking of changing your boss, not to change the economy nor the government but to change yourself. Five years after you change, your negative relatives will still be negative, your boss will still leave office at two, the government will still be just almost the same, the wind will still be the same.

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