Success Today #45

How to keep a balanced mind.


Beautiful smiling young black woman
How can one keep a balanced mind?
Every day we keep encountering different situations that keep changing the state of the mind. Have you ever felt like you are worthless? or maybe no ones cares about you or maybe you are ugly or maybe you cant make it? Have you also felt so happy? Like the best, like just the most beautiful in the room? Every day indeed we meet these two extremes. If you wanna be successful, you need to learn how to keep this in a balance state and be on the better side most often, be happy most often.  Here are a few ways to keep a balanced mind.
1. Accept your reality.
Indeed there are things that you cant change in your life, in your personality. Take for example someone who is short. Can she do anything about the height? Absolutely nothing. Accepting your reality does help a lot in becoming balanced. When someone comes with a number of comments about you, it really does not affect you much and change your focus much.
2. Consider yourself of great value.
There are communities that are looked down upon or maybe families or maybe an individual in a family. How can one in such a condition succeed.
No matter the condition you are in , you must remind yourself that you are a person with strengths. Someone with a given talent. Whenever you feel like you are looked down upon, think about your strengths. You may even take a step and list your them. Also keep in mind those who love you. Most often your boss or your classmate may make you cry. Remember those who love you. Parents are always the priority. Remember God also cares for you and is always willing to protect you. You may consider reading a few verses in the Bible daily just to keep your mind focused too. When your family fails you, there is always a friend who is there for you, who really knows who you really are.
3. Remember you are not perfect.
Most often our mind is not “happy” because we expect to do all things in a perfect way or very well. You will not be the best in all exams. Recognize that

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