Success Today #45

The power of Now to the Moment.

Success Today45
The power of now to the moment.
Most people always have an array of negative thoughts as soon as they wake up to the moment they go to sleep. They see how poor they are, they wonder how to start off, how to get breakfast,how they may lose job, think of the negative things someone said yesterday and so on. The worst thing is that most of what they think will never even happen nor ever will, but what will happen does not matter to them. Moreover, this has become the norm and they are not aware, unless they who keep a constant awareness of what they are thinking. Wait, we are talking about the mind…
power of now
The mind is the biggest thing that man was ever given. It has more power, and with more power comes more responsibility. Alright, having more power is really awesome but the worst thing and most dangerous if you don’t know how to use or control it. Remember we are talking of the mind. Someone said its like giving a power saw to someone who does not know how to use it. Before we go on, ask yourself how awesome or dangerous your mind is to you.
Success today mindWe need to know how to control the mind, just at the present first. Research shows that the biggest enemies to living at the present is PAST and FUTURE. However the biggest worry is how to reconcile the future and now. How do you reconcile the powerful visions and the powerful goals to now? Lets have a look a this analogy.
Happy university college student thumbs up
If you decide to play or watch football, or travel in an helicopter up  a mountain, will you be happy when you are finally at the top? Nay! not even roaming the base of the mountain. The real joy is when you are ascending up the hill or when you are watching the game or when you are playing. That is where we always find happiness. Wait we are talking of happiness. It is the experience of climbing towards the peak (future powerful visions), the experience of working on a goal, the experience of being in a team working in the PRESENT, doing your  best. This is the trick, work on the present to the moment in the future. Success starts now, today as you start working on your mind to start working now to achieve the moment in the future powerful goal.

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