Success today #44

Reading your friends and clients, boyfriends or loved ones.

Girl lying in grass using computer tablet
In a small sparsely populated town, three people are dead. Two men and a little girl. Two are dead in two different houses and one in the middle of the road. In one house, one man is lying at the foot of the stairs. He id dead, he is cold, rigor mortise has set in. The other house, the other man is lying on the floor. Dis-empowered, disfigured, 15 bullet wounds, 7 stabs over the shoulder, arms cut off, legs cut off, pants stripped, lying cold in a pool of blood. The third corpse, a little girl, 5 years old, run over by a car like a pumpkin . The police come, go to each house, secured the crime scenes. The same investigating officer goes from one house to the other and to the street.
At the first house, he sees a man, at the bottom of the stairs, cold. He turns him over, sees a discoloration at the base of the skull and he concludes the neck is broken. He sees a piece up on the stairs broken off. The man must have fallen from the stairs head first. The investigator goes up the stairs and sees signs of robbery, drawers pulled out, things thrown down, scattered and some broken. There are sign of struggle too. He concludes… man slaughter.
He goes to the next house. Man dis-empowered, limps cut of, body stubbed, pants stripped, face almost totally disfigured, 15 bullet wounds, no signs of struggle, evidence of burglary. He concludes…. first degree murder.
He goes to the street, a little girl crashed . There is a man sitting on a stone just beside. He is afraid, looks like a tourist, cant hardly speak English, scared to death. The investigator measures the distance of the tire tracks than the man braked. He looked at the post speed limit and he sees fifty. He judges the speed at which the track was speeding was between the speed limits. Clearly he sees the direction from which the track came from in a steep slope. He concludes accident.
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All the two suspects are caught. Together with the tourist, they stand before a judge. In the case of a man with broken neck at the base of the stairs , the judge judge that man with ….second degree murder. With the man dis-figured, with 15 bullet wounds with limbs cut, He judges him with… fifth first degree murder. In the case of the tourist, unable to express himself, having help with an interpreter, the judge tells him he is free.
On what basis are these decisions made? All these three people are equally dead. There is no difference in the fact that they are dead. Why is it one is judged with first degree murder, the other, second degree and the other set free?
Success Today..
The judge is interviewed by a Christian reporter working in a famous magazine farm. The reporter wants to know why the judge, who esteems terrible fairness judges one with life imprisonment, the other 10 years and sets the other free. The judge says, “On the basis of the corpse conditions, the man at the base of the stairs he concludes, the owner of the house surprised the burglar, the burglar panicked, tries to run away, they struggle, the owner of the house feel, hit his head . The burglar didn’t go to kill but to just steal. That is second degree murder.  That man whom  I sentenced to life imprisonment went too to steal. But the method he choose to kill the home owner, there was no struggle. He went to the mans bedroom, dragged him out, shot him, shot him, re-loaded, shot him and shot him again and again, then he stabbed him, then cut off his … That man came with something in His heart. On the basis of what was in his heart, I judged him with first degree murder.  That man I sentenced free, the tire marks show he was within the speed limits, the slope of the road told us the little girl could not stop the bike with fault brakes, it was accident, simple as that. That man had nothing in his heart, obedient to the rules on the road. Just a good tourist. Thats why I set him free.
read mind success todayHow can you read your clients heart? How can you read your boyfriends heart, How can you read your professors mind?, How can you know your enemy? How can your read your kids mind? Here is the simple secret.
There is something in the law of the land, its called intent. When any investigation is curried, judgment is always based on intent. In the case of the man who went to still and kill brutally, he had an intent. This intent is mot found in the corpse, neither the law nor the crime scene. Its in the HEART. The law seeks to find what is in the heart of the criminal. The man released had no intent nor malice in his heart. Let me ask you, If the law can seek the intent or malice in the heart of someone, I mean like search the heart how much more can the Law of God do? Wait.. Do you know there are some who will not go to heaven yet they have never broken any law of the land? they go to church every Sabbath, make huge contributions to red cross, pay tithe, just the perfect people?
A story is told of two people who go to church. One a pharisee and the other a beggar. The pharisee gives a large sum of cash, much that can pay lots of debt to the country. And people shout a loud “Amen”. Jesus looks at him and he is not divinely impressed. Then an old granny, walking with an aid of a feeble stick, clothed in almost tattered clothes walks by. She is not even noticed by the multitude in the church. She walks and drops his single coin, all that she had.   Then Jesus stands up. He hears angels singing with joy and up-lauding. All heaven really happy. Why?? Because the woman gave from her heart. It had nothing with the amount.
Whether something is good or bad, it has to do with the heart. No bad words can come from a good heart. All good relationships come from the heart, all good passions come from a good heart and even all good intentions come from a good heart. The Bible says in Mark 7:20, that which comes out of a man that  defiles a man. Jesus is trying to give a contrast between internal and external purity. Impurity is within. You don’t wash your hands to clean the impurity in your heart!
If you plant a mango, it will produce mango fruits but not avocado fruit.
Below is a code in one of the applications used to order a fruit in an hotel. Even with it, you cant order a mango then get an avocado.
var fruit = prompt(“What do your favorite fruit?”,”Type your  choice here”);
  case ‘mango’:
    console.log(“Sure thing, very sweet and tasty, coming up.”);
  case ‘avocado’:
    console.log(” Perfect choice.”);
  case ‘salad’:
    console.log(“Sounds good! How about a caesar salad?”);
  case ‘apples’:
    console.log(“An apple a day drives a doctor away. !”);
    console.log(“Huh! I’m not sure what ” + fruit + ” is. How does a straw berry sound?”);
Success today.

People are known by their fruit, the heart is known by its fruits, the heart is known by what comes out of the mouth.


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