Success today #42

success today
Jesus Christ spoke of self esteem and its importance. Someone asked him, what is the greatest commandment? Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind, This is the First greatest commandment. Love your neighbor as you love yourself.(Mathew 22:37-39) Okay what does this mean. Lets focus on ‘yourself’, on self esteem, on knowing your are better than two penny sparrow or maybe knowing how to evaluate yourself better. Most often, we do succeed or fail depending on what we think we are. Good relationships between parents and kids or couples or friends always lead to better life and success in general. How do we facilitate self esteem? Success do start usually when one is young, or when one gets married and has to start again on a better road or when you change location. Here are 9 factors that can facilitate self esteem in a kid or couple or friends.
1. Offer Unconditional love
Unconditional love
Brian used to wet his bed even at the age of 5. He could not help it, he had nothing to do to control himself, or any option. Poor Brian always felt rejected, sometimes early in the morning you would find him seated lonely under some tree or hiding in some corner. Mummy would sometimes beat her so he can learn or if he escaped, Patience, her little sis would ridicule him almost all day long, sometimes even in school.
Loving someone helps him have a higher self esteem. parents and couples or even friends should always do their best to show love to their partners, kids or friends. This is the best way to make someone do the best. It is a fact that best families are those where parents love each other seriously. Remember if you need unconditional love, and higher self esteem, you have to be the forst to offer unconditional love.
2. Pay attention
Die Linke Politicians Try Women's Jobs For A Day
Pay attention
We all always have a busy schedule, lots of work to do, lots of replies to make and even places to go. Take time to look at your kids eye, or your spouse, or girlfriend, or friend or colleague.   Give a listening ear. This is what good daddies and mommies always do best . They gives you all the attention you need on earth and that makes one feel like awesome.
3. Use positive message.
When you meet your sis along the street after being apart for some time, and you are happy to, take time to comment her, like ‘ HEEY ! you looking beautiful, I like your dress, you are looking great, wooow! you just the only clean and smart lady in town today’. This is the simplest way to improve your parters’ or friends  self esteem. Good news is that it is 200% free.
4. Dedicate time.
 Time invested in company with your kids, spouse, friends or colleagues is not time wasted but invested.
Elsie used to perform really well in Mathematics. Every time daddy took time to talk with her, listen and advice her on how to be better in her worst subject ever invented.  She would sometimes tell how she did much practice or put more effort just in the subject. She would never miss to talk about who was behind the motivation.
Investing time even for a little while, out in the picnic can be so helpful in  improving one’s self esteem and performance as well as success.
5. Allow one to learn from mistakes
Have you ever seen a kid who wants to feed himself, or one who is really struggling to switch off lights, or one trying to arrange his clothes all in a terrible way? Prents who are just awesome and maybe clever will let them do that, learn how to do it in a better way, learn from doing a mistake when trying to eat. I always felt happy when Daddy let me do the fencing, theough sometimes he would come and say ‘ This fence look slike that one made by a woman’ Still that made me do better next time and even learn to do it better.
6. Never make Comparisons.DSC_0038

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