Success today. #41

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A story of prof. Jealousy and Doc.Envy

A story is told of a two friends in some really good town. They were well known of how good they were in what they usually did, how they did their work, how they were almost successful always in whatever. Everyone used to try to do as they did, emulate them, listen to them, heed their advice or even copy paste what they used to do. Actually they were really successful guys. Doc Envy was just a little older than Prof Jealousy.

govThe governor of the city made an appointment with the two friends, Doc Envy and Prof Jealousy. He wished to recognize their work, their hard work and success actually. So they did attended
the meeting. There were many other friends and hard working guys too who attended the small ceremony. Indeed as they expected, they received many gifts, honors and awards but the governor was to give his award later. ” I have two big gifts for you guys, you only need to decide who will come FIRST
for the gift. The one who will come second will get a double of what the first will get.”
£41What a joy! They knew the gift would be maybe the best cars in town, or maybe the best luxurious houses or maybe big land or big cash. But they had to make a decision. Envy wanted to be the second and Jealousy wanted just the same. To make an agreement, they went the professional way. They held a discussion and after  big arguments, insults, curses and weird talks, Jealousy accepted to to the first. They then made an appointment on when to meet the Governor.
applesIt was not long before the day came. Envy was so happy that he was going to get more and be greater, double his friend and have a bigger ego. Jealousy was there, just as agreed the first. He went to the office and spoke fast. Not even a smile appeared in his face. ” I will take your gift but only with one condition. Take my left eye.” The governor had nothing more to do but to fulfill the promise. He ordered his eye to be taken and also the two eyes of Doc Envy.
smileIndeed we all have these two friends by default in our body settings. They always block our ways to success, create huge fences with those who have succeeded and make us redundant always. Its is our duty to always kill and thrush these applications, invest and install good applications like generosity, joy, patience, faithfulness

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