Success Today #39

Being a better person by Developing better habits.
95% of all we keep doing is as a result of habit. You can either form good or bad habits but this is the rule of being a better person, make god habits your master and you will be a better person. Its good to note too that good habits are hard to form but easy to live with. Bad habits are easy to form and hard to live with.
In the school of psychology, it is taught that habits can be unlearned or learned. However, I believe habits are learned only. Why? When you have a bad habit and wish to change, you basically form a better good habit that is stronger and more powerful. The best way to make a given habit more powerful is to simply practice, repeat it over and over and over. Here are 4 ways to developing a good habit.
1.  Make a daily goal.
 This basically means you make sure you set your goals everyday before you sleep or as soon as you wake up. Make it a habit that before you sleep, decide what yu wanna accomplish by the end of tomorrow. If you are a teacher, set your lesson target, if a doctor, decide how many patients you will attend, or if you are an athlete, set how many miles you have to finish, if you are a student, set the goal in study like maybe do 10 math quiz and 30, Chemistry quiz else set SMART goals for the day.
Think about the goals through the day, when you talk, when you whatsapp, when you sing, when you traveling, when running, when reading and even when taking lunch. We most often become what we keep thinking.
2. Be results oriented.
Goosh! What does this even mean?
Result oriented people always look at the options they have and choose what will be most profitable at the end of the day. They do make a list of all they have to do and thereafter set priorities. Sometimes we get confused on what is the most important thing to start with. Here is a simple way to identify. Look at the list, identify which one would you struggle to do if you were told today to move to another country, which one would be the most critical to be done. Thats just a simple way but there are many other ways. Once you do identify, start with that item and make sure its done. Dont buy that Idiot named procrastination. It will burn and bury you alive.
3. Be people oriented.
While I was doing my research some time back, I learned that most of the successful people always do serve many people. If you are having a business serving 5000 people a day, you will be more successful than one serving 20  people on the same bar. Take for example two enterprises. One has a supermarket and gets averagely 800 customers a day each giving a profit of ksh 20-60. The other guy has a kiosk and gets around 100 customers a day and each give a profit of ksh 20-40 on average. Who is more successful? This is the small secret to success. Realize that whatever you are doing will always aim at serving people. Top sells companies always think about what their customers need, what they can provide, what solutions can be beneficial in such a way that the customers will even want to help them back.
4. Stay health Oriented.
Think about eating less and better food, doing more exercise, resting more, drinking more water and know that success need power and not malady. Always work on your health first. Develop the habit of thinking health first.

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