Success Today #38

being a better leader part 3
 When we talk about being a successful leader, what comes to your mind? Have you ever realized that success just begins from within?
Sure enough. When you have a sense of who you are, what you are up to, where you have come from, who inspires you, what motivates you what your aims are, what your dreams are…, it invites you to do something about it. Having self-awareness amounts to being better advised, better motivated and better inspired. The more you know yourself, the closer you can become to being all you can be. As I said in earlier articles, learning about yourself and how your body works is very key to any successful leader.
” Am Brampton, in Massachusetts University currently pursuing  a degree in computer science. I was born deep in the villages of Nandi county. Life was really tough but enjoyable those days when I was in the primary school. We used to walk barefoot, play soccer a lot, go out with friends, look after cattle but school was a no joke place. You would pray to God to help you not to be caned during the day. However, most often you received some lashes, sometimes so unfairly sometimes too exreme and sometimes you would end up coursing your teacher. Moreover, there were really fun times too, sometimes you would laugh out loud a whole hour. Those days when school was school.
Mummy was a local Chang’aa Brewer. She could prepare really nice brew. Every evening you would not miss some visitors. Some really worn with the daily toil, some with ragged and tattered or well torn clothes, some looked just confused, some were really dirty. There were days when sleeping was just so hard, when some drunkard failed to go home and he had to snore loud in my room. My dad on the other hand was a medicine man. He had many visitors during the day. I remember sometimes you get home during lunch time and you find a row of old dudes taking some Uji then they were made to puke in some dug holes and in that way they would be healed from some malady. There were many kinds of herbs too in the house, some really bitter some sour, some tasting weird. There was one of my favourite herb, it was the bitterest when chewed but when you drunk water after chewing, water tasted sweet, nothing can be compaired with the taste actually, Cocacola was the best drink then but it was 20 times sweeter. That was life then.
I was the last born in a row of 14 kids. My eldest bro had married but life was no better. He mainly sold charcoal for a living. Okay enough with the history. That was me those days. What changed my life, what made me escape from the poverty loop in the community? That is the point.
One day I went home for lunch but found no food, I had to take some fermenting brew then head back to school. It was a terrible evening. On my way back home, I found a newspaper with a large portrait with some advert. The paper was torn but I can still remember some part ” Think Big, You ca do it”. I walked home trying to think big, trying to imagine what is the best thing I can be? What route can I take? I always wanted to drive and have a good family with a well fenced house. Always I kept imagining and with imagination came the power to work hard in class. I cant forget how happy I was one day when I found some 5 shilling note which I used to buy a fountain pen. I liked school coz home was even worse maybe. I managed to join Kapsabet Boys, one of the best Highschools even till today. I did my best and life has been different.
If you realize who you are,and where you are heading to , you will realize nothing less than success”
2.Understanding your environment
Success begins also with keenness and quickness in understanding and dealing with  your environmental situation in a manner that is likely to lead to a good outcome.You will have to understand who is competitive, what are the missing products, who are your competitors, who always plays the bad or the good cop or what is the real need or problem in the community or environment.  In the competitive environment , being the best at what you do is good, making good decisions is great-;but a clear, comprehensive understanding of the environment you’re operating in is invaluable. Know what you are up to and what you are dealing with, what solutions you can offer and what best can you do for the community and you will be a successful leader.
3.Learning to adapt.
Everyday, every generation, every year comes with lots of changes. A few years ago, there were just few companies, few businesses, few schools, few hospitals and even good leaders. As time passes by, there are many changes as well as many new challenges.To be a better leader means to be willing to change and be open to new ideas and innovations, to be able to handle the unexpected.
4. Being respectful.
Treating others with respect will ultimately earn respect. Respect is the golden quality endowed to successful leaders.
5. Building relationship.
When I joined University, I came across a company over the net. It really inspired me how it started and how it had grown over few past years that it was recognized as one of the best solution providers in Nairobi. I always inspected their strategies and tried to learn from it. One of the main reasons it had grown to great success is the nice relationships they had build with other successful companies.
Building lasting relationships is the cornerstone of all successes in a group, or company or business to any leader.It is like a glue that holds you to success. Be keen not to make foolish partnerships or relationships. Remember you will only be a successful leader if you build relationships with successful teams or partners.

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