Success Today #37

Being a better leader part 2.
Sometimes when you are a leader, you meet some critical situations, where tough decisions have to be made. These decisions may be vital and need one to make fly decisions. This are the times you will need a lot of creativity. What do you do as a leader? Imagine everyone, all the employees, or the whole family or the whole school or all the doctors in the room or all the engineers in the factory, or everyone in the bus is waiting for that sole tough decision to be made or some guy has insulted you seriously in public and everyone is waiting for the next thing you gonna do. What do you do?
First, have a look at the options you have just as you have options when driving. Secondly, it is very important to think outside the box. This is what most successful leaders have learned to do. Thinking for the best option no one may not be having in mind. Remember not to choose the first or the easiest option or possibility or choice coz sometimes its just best to give some issues some thought and console for guidance. Someone may be waiting to take advantage of the choice you take. Its better to be unpredictable. Be like the rolling dice.
By utilizing all possible options before making a rash decision, you can typically reach the end conclusion you were aiming for.

2. Investing in experience.

Being a leader in like walking in some enchanted forest without any road-map at all. There is pressure all around, there is uncertainty everyday, there are new challenges and solutions as well and even new risks to be encountered and favor demands.
Here you will need to have good experience, good intuition and finally good mentors. It is true when guiding or leading some group or team, you will face new scenarios that demand guidance and tough decisions.
Drawing on past experience is a good reflex, as is reaching out to your mentors for support. Eventually though, the tough decisions will be up to you to decide. Learning to trust God to help and trusting in making good decisions is as important as your team learning to trust you.

3. Building a vision.

Today I have two choices to make. One is to be employed in a non-governmental organization which hires me a range rover sport, pays $20,000 dollars and gives me the job only for two months and am done with it. Then there is another private organization they are willing to employ me too. They will buy me an Toyota Corolla, pay monthly and I can work there forever. Which one do you think I will choose?
Being a leader often involves making a vision. You will find that many successful leaders with successful organizations or businesses always have a vision and something like a road-map. Maybe this is also a good reason why successful really nice schools always have awesome visions. To be a successful leader therefore means you will have to be able to know how to inspire your team to see the vision. Make the team own the vision and feel they are invested in realizing the vision and you will not be surprised how you will win the vision.

4. Build morale, motivate.

There comes a time when morale to work or do something is really low, when the spirit of the group is really low, when the performance is not really so good, when the energy to do something is seriously going low when everyone needs a break. As a leader you have to know what to do in such times. You have to know how to build back to summer times. You need to realize the needs of the group first and seek a way to satisfy. Give the break if that is a must. However the best way to raise the morale is to give the group some social day where they can talk, re-focus, re-connect, spur-up, look back and gain more power to work harder to accomplish the motive of the group.Moreover, acknowledge the work that everyone has dedicated and commend the team on each of their efforts. It is your job to keep spirits up, and that begins with an appreciation for the hard work.


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