Success today #35


Knowing your enemies.

In pursuit of success sometimes life will hit you with a nail right on your head. Wht do ypu do knowing that this is inevitable, just as there are four seasons. Surely, Okay who makes life harder more than the enemies and slanders and maybe those who are just there to take advantage of you? How can you know them? and say like Heey!!! I am runnning for my life??

1. Your enemies will always like naming your cons.

Do a little mistake and they will always be there to remind you that you did this mistake. If someone is really a good friend he will always see your goodness, he will always be a loud speaker of your good deeds.

2. Enemies always say no to any suggestion you make, slander you, look down upon you.

Hey! You just don’t need to have time to waste with such guys, they will never be of any advantage to you, but rather always lower your precious self esteem and make your days never really enjoyable. Who then should you waste time with? Parents are always there, they are willing even to waste a lot of time just looking at you and talking with you and will never get tireed of doing so. Just a five minute call from daddy makes my day really enjoyable. Parents in some way already know what you really need or maybe what to tell you to be happy or advise to say at the right time. Take time to be close with your parents or those close to you.

3. Enemies will always never talk with you but keep asking you questions.

Joy met Andrew and she really liked him. At first all was well but soon they were not in good terms together. Every time she did text-ed him, She would reply with just a question or maybe just one word. Sometimes its better to let go off some people. Don’t keep wasting time on questions but meet those who are eager to have intercourse with what is kept in your mind.

4. Enemies are always good to pretend.

You meet them in some corner and when you are passing by they will be silent and look at you as you pass. Moreover, the better way to know an enemy is being keen on whatever they do say. If you have a friend who keeps gossiping of others and also sometimes in a really bad exaggerated way.

5. They are never there when you are in need.

You are robbed a lot of money and a lot of your belongings, you are desperate, or maybe your parents pass away and you are left in need of help. Enemies will never show up nor say anything. Actually they will be maybe celebrating. Learn to make your family the best friends in your life and always be there for them.

Be an enemy and you will make enemies. Be friendly and you will make many genuine friends. Whatever you do unto others, the same will be done to you. To succeed, learn to do good and BE KIND to others.


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