Success Today #34


The paradox of choice.

Ben has been living in the city of Nairobi for more than 50 years now. He has always known the only one type of bread. This is waht he just said some few days ago when we got into the supermarket. ” Josh I really hate this, during our time we just had one type of loaf to choose but now, look! all these types of bread, really, I hate this government, I hate this, I hate .. I hate this”. I t kept me wondering until I realized the paradox behind choice.

In a study made by some business guys, 24 jam samples of one type were displayed and 6 jam samples of another type were also displayed. Interesting enough, more people went for the 24 samples but just a few bought the Jam type. While 3% bought the jam type where 24 samples were displayed, 30% bought the other Jam type. Are you asking yourself why? The paradox of choice.

If you happen o visit a restaurant, you will find like 5 pages of what is being offered, its like 400 choices maybe but they also give you another list, the special list with maybe 10 choices. You will always find that many will just go for the special choice list, why?? The paradox of choice.

A big list of choice is suppose to make you better off but most of the time it causes paralysis. This is why Ben didn’t like the 100 kinds of bread to choose from, this is why many people tend to choose to pick a choice from the special list. Its what we call the paradox of choice.


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