Success Today #33


Learning from relativity

Why do people look at everything as relative when it shouldn’t be?

Queen Consolidated solutions Limited was started many years in Nairobi, with their main products being glass furniture, especially glass tables. At first they sold the tables at a cost of ksh 9,999. Just a few people went for the tables if not none for a few weeks. Soon they introduced a new type of tables and sold for ksh 39999. No sooner had they introduced the new type than the number of the ksh 9999 tables were sold in large quantities. This is just the power of relativity.

Rarely do you find much difference between Soap type A going for ksh 100 and type B going for ksh 150. Heey! but what if there was type C going for ksh 190? Many will end up going for the type B. Why ? The power of relativity.

If you are a business guy, or want to sell something, who even knows what you are selling and how much it should cost! Use the power of relativity. Happy Success.


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