Success Today #32


The cost of zero cost
Did you know we often pay too much when we pay nothing?
Nakumatt offers free shipping for office furniture and beddings. If the cost of an office table is ksh 23,999 and the avarage cost of shipping in Nairobi is ksh 7000, the total cost will be ksh 30,999. So what if ,
Cost of the table == 30,999/=
Transport == free

Many people will go for the table and feel happier. People like free stuff. Even me I would feel happier if I purchased something from amazon and get free Shipping. Most often if you get the item and realize it is not really good as you wanted, your mind will just accept it. It was free after-all. There seems to be no downside but in reality you paid more for the “Free” .

As a business guy or a seller, you may use this cost of zero cost to make more and sell more. Happy Success Today.


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