Success today #30



Making a good Presentation.


Many people, especially start-ups usually make a big mistake when they are making a presentation. What do they do?

” Hi , My name Is Joshua Kiprono. Iam the CEO and founder of Jawshwood organization. The company deals with website development and design”
1. Name
2. Identity
3. Product
4. Services
In reality, no one cares about your name. There are many people in this world, more than 7 billion so who are you that we must know your name?

No one also cares about your Identity and products or concepts or blablabla.

” In the late 19 century, the use of computers and Internet increased tremendously with the introduction of personal computers by Macintosh, the improvement of windows operating systems and the increasing need for technology. Over the past few years, many web developers have improved the web and now there are a lot of websites in the Internet with a lot of information. However, many people tend to spend more time in social networks and really interactive websites. At Jawshwood we aim to provide a solution to companies and individuals who get few visits. We aim to animate and make websites very interactive and animated in such a way that any viewer will aim to know what else is in the website and spend more time in the website . blablabla…….”

Any human being does not care about the concept or the product but cares of what benefit they get from the product. The best way to show that is using a story with just a little talk of the product.

When you are making the presentation, make sure to employ use of more stories and focus on the consumer or the audience.

Happy Success today.


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