Success today #29


Learning from “LIKE” effect

If we really like someone or even admire, we always tend to really like what they do, what they say what they recommend, their opinions and so on. If they commit some mistake we will tend to say , oh yeah.. everyone does make mistakes. If they give you an average advice you tend to think its just the best advice ever and if they say something stupid you just go along with it.

If a beautiful lady spilled some stew on your new clothing, maybe during a wedding or just in some hotel, you tend to be a little gentle on her than when a gentleman or a lady whom you may not like much just from how they look. So attractiveness and some other stupid factors like the kind of dress do make use have a different judgment.

Learn to value an advice from someone without being blinded by how big is the his house, or the type of car they drive, or their attractiveness, or their intelligence. Evaluate the advice not by likes.

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