Success Today #28

Dealing with hindsight bias
You basically have met people who will always tell you, oh I knew that team was going to win, or that party was going to lose or maybe that guy was going to be the best in class . This is what we call hindsight bias. Many people tend to be like experts after events have already occurred. It actually weird, how people sometimes argue on how they knew something was going to happen. If someone knew the winning team they would have even taken a huge loan and bet on it. However that does not happen.
Hindsight bias can be sometimes dangerous apart from being annoying when we blame others for doing something that just seemed to be obvious. We tend to say, how could he not see that? How could he not know that? How could he do it?
The school makes a decision and you end up like how could they not see the consequence of the choice, your sister dates some guy and when they separate you end up saying how could she not know that!
Don’t be that annoying blaming others for something that just seemed so obvious. It may have been the best decision then. Be there to help and not annoy with your hindsight bias. No one knows the future and no one makes a bad choice, unless enemies and bad people but many make the best choice for the best.
Realize that anyone can be an expert after an event has occurred. It is obvious after the act but not before it happened.
Happy Success

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