Success today #27


Running From the poor man mentality.

My High-school English Teacher once asked us how we usually do shop in the supermarket. He then gave us this story of two men.
” Lucy, a form two student was just given ksh 1000 do do some shopping. She goes to the supermarket, makes sure she picks the cheapest soap, snacks, toiletries, books and pens in order to maximize on the little she had. Vincent too is  given ksh 1000. He goes to the supermarket, takes only 10 minutes to pick whatever he needs and rush to school. He then goes and does little business in order to raise more money. “
 What is the difference between a poor man and a successful man?
Successful people think BIG but poor people think small.
This is why Lucy gets to the supermarket and takes more than two hours in the supermarket just to find something that is  just ksh 4 cheaper. Basically that is what she will keep on doing for the rest of her life. Okay what does the successful guy do? He gets to the supermarket and picks what he needs without bothering much with price tags. He knows the worth of time.
Successful People focus on opportunities while poor people focus on obstacles.
 A poor person will look at an opportunity and realize there is a lot of competition. The successful guy will look at an opportunity and figure out what unique value can I add in the market or what solution can He or she provide.
Successful guys admire and befriend successful people but poor guys will always hate and resent the successful guys.
Poor guys will look at a range rover and think like how long has that guy been stealing from people. A successful guy will look at the same range, like it and go ahead to dream of how mush to work harder in school and save more time in order to buy the same when he grows up. Indeed, poor people always have a negative mentality. They really don’t believe they can make it, they even doubt the Bible, or even existence of a fair good God or even the possibility of success. Lack of money is just a simple manifestation.
Successful people are willing to sell and promote themselves while poor guys always think negatively of themselves.
The poor guy will look at a small happy kid selling some cakes and making money than say, huh, what is he happy of, he is just selling cakes. They will always keep thinking of how to make money all day long but never take a step.
However the successful people will always keep trying and improving on what they are doing.
Successful people will like to get paid on the quality of their results but the poor will always want to be paid base on time.
No one really cares about how much time you spent doing something. Who will buy a software that is just full of crap, even if you did spent a year working on it!The big question is, can you deliver good results of really good value?
Successful people manage their money well while poor people mismanage their money well.
Have you ever met some guy who will tell you I will use what I have today to the maximum? Some guy who will get paid and the only thing they seem to know is to go drink to the fullest and waste money going to big hotels? Or someone who gets paid and does not know what to do with the money? Successful people know what to do with their money, they know how to plan very well and are honest with what they have.
 Successful people keep learning and growing but poor people always think they already know.
I once had a chance to stay with some really successful guy. Even though he was earning more than 10 times what a government teacher earn, he still used to wake up as early as even four  a.m to do some study or learn something.
Poor people will always claim they do know everything. In reality, they don’t even know how to shake hands. They do it is such a really poor way.

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