Success Today #24

1. Don’t be afraid to aim high.
Apple was not build just in a day. Google too was not just developed and became the leading just in a few days. Apple started selling out computer kits to students before making its own computers and emerging as the most worth business. You must start somewhere and set a higher goal. In your journey to success , you will need to crate some budgets, some plans some dreams, some friends, some clients and even meet new partners. Sometimes this will not happen unless you have a higher aim to do something better and bigger. So to succeed, you have to have a higher and bigger aim to meet.
2. Now is the time.
If you are waiting to be 40 years old to be able to do something, you are wrong. Now is the time to start planning, to start doing better in school, to start winning. Tomorrow may never come afterall, so its now. Kick off the plan.
3. Learn the power of purpose.
Someone who has some purpose in life, some meaning or something to go for is much better than someone who just exists, who just goes to school coz everyone does and daddy says you must go to school, or someone working in some company just coz they are old enough to be working or their friends are working too. Having a purpose is really an good ingredient in becoming successful. If you fail to have a purpose you will always be pulled back by the past failures. Purpose somehow pulls us to go forward to achieving.
4. Look for experiences.
Life is not just the passing of time, or the moving and ticking of the clock. Its a collection of experiences. Learn to ignore the ODs and subjects that are not good enough to give you a good experience. This will help you save more time and earn more experiences.
5. Do something that is easy to your best.
Dad comes home, drops his briefcase on my head , says how are you then just goes to the study room to write some papers. Work hard and save time but don’t be too busy that you are like a walking shadow. Work smart but not hard. Work in a reasonable time. Success is easy.
6. Have  a strong philosophy.
Philosophy can be defined as a personal believe on how to live or deal with a given situation in live. Basically if you have a  fluffy philosophy, dont expect much from live. The best place to find believes an d philosophies to build your live in is the Bible. Even cops do know the need of the Bible even when in battle. Business guys do know what to do when it comes to being successful in the Business, not only by study of business but buy building a good philosophy from the Bible.

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