Success Today #23

1. Be keen on the little things.

Back in high-school there existed a philosophy named the “cost of one mark”. Whenever you did some Math paper you would always just fight not to lose even one mark. Some would say, after all its just one mark and move to the next question. There was some power in knowing the cost of one mark, power to work for it, power to add up, power to make meaning out of the small and little things that count much in life. In programming scenario, you can write a code of 2000 lines, that runs a really big system but just missing a comma or using a curly brace instead of brackets may make your code useless or lead to a really big big bug or even take weeks looking for the problem. That’s just to say a little. To be successful mean to take care of the small things, to be keen how you talk, to be keen how you dress and even to be careful with your health. Everything counts. A step at a time will lead to a kilometre, a compromise in your health will lead to health effects. Just a few days ago everyone was made to know what are the effects of flesh. Be careful on the little things in order to succeed.

2. Take the risk to do something.

How risky is this life? It did got risky from the time you were born. Have you met some old friend then he says ” Heey dude, wooow, so you still alive??” . You want to be safe and secure? Look for a corner and just spend your life, or better still, go to the village, buy a big shamba, do some farming to your level best. Ooops, that’s risking and trying. Okay you just have to to do something. Maybe its the reason why the Bible says whoever does not work must not east. Don’t ask for security but ask for adventure. Al-right, Okay.. Its really better to live 50 years of good adventure than 100 in some corner dying of worry. I wont say taking risk is a way to success.

3. Be optimistic.

This is basically thinking positively in whatever you do, or see or look. A poor pessimistic person will always try to figure out what is wrong in something. If you are watching a match he will keep saying the bad side of some player, or how Chelsea or Arsenal are bla bla bla. Pessimists are happy to find some fault while optimist are happy to find a solution. A pessimist walks into some office or lets say wake up. Immediately he has some five reasons not to work. He looks over the window and all he can see is a cloudy day not the beautiful morning sun rising. Most often our lives are shaped by how we think things are but not how they really ara. So to succeed we must take a step and think positively. Maybe one day I will focus on good thinking habits for success today for indeed

if(“You think positively”){
“You will have a good life, a better life, a real adventure and joy in this short life and success”.};
You will keep languishing in bla bla bla and poverty.}

4. Build a good factory.

Your mind is a factory, a mental factory that need to be cultivated. It has many tendons and keeps growing more to keep information and understanding. This is why you can learn some calculus in a week and be able to work them well. How can you build a vast factory full of success? First you will have to employ some dudes like, Joy, will power, dream, ambition and Mr. Optimist. You will also need to fence it with broad knowledge that is high enough not to allow some rats like anger, misconception and mischief into. Don’t forget to employ some marketing personnel like motivation and inspirations who will push you to do better and compete in a better way. Keep teaching your employees and rewarding them. Build your mental factory well in order to succeed today . Remember as you think so you become.

5. Plant wisdom.

You walk into a room. It has a big library, clean and smooth carpet, well done designing, good lighting and comfortable furniture which are really beautiful and good looking and with some big, wide screen. Outside there is well done landscape design, and really good shade and maybe a swinging seat.. What comes into your mind? You think this guy is really successful and great, you admire and even wish to live in the house. This is what wisdom will give you. You don’t plant wisdom with some movies or some magazines maybe on lifestyle, or games. Wisdom is planted by reading books. That is why there is a library in that real good house. Wisdom is planted in knowing God too and keeping wise people around.

                     By Jawshooah.

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