Success today #22


  1. Find a way to serve many.

This is basically a simple formula first given in the Bible. It’s an answer a master gave to this question, “ how can I achieve greatness, personal greatness, great power, great success, great influence, great self-esteem” Always find a way to serve many for service to many leads to greatness and great success. We can also say that greatness is helping people. How can you help your brother or friend, for example to know how to sing well, or pass exams, or understand a given topic, or get encouraged? Provide a solution. There is this rule that if you help people to solve problems, yours too disappear.

  1. Know what’s of great value.

A good car, a good house, a good teacher, a good school or even a good government is not of good value. GOOD LIFE is of great value. In as much as you help people, you go to school, you work in some office, you do some marketing or in any profession, good life should be your priority. What does good life entail?

  • Happiness and joy. If you don’t produce, you won’t be happy.
  • Good, joyful, peachy inner Circle. Keep the inner circle well nourished. If you motivate, they will motivate you, if you make them happy they will make you happy too, if you reward they will reward you too. It’s better to live in a beach with someone you love than to live in a mansion with a nagging lover.
  • Good friends. Be careful here, happy friends, happy life.
  • Awesome believe. Be a believer. Like if you are a Christian, study practice and teach the Bible.
  • Knowing much..Don’t miss. Don’t miss the good poem, don’t miss to teach your kids, don’t miss the little or big things in life, don’t miss the opportunity, don’t miss the motivation, and don’t miss the light. It’s what makes life great.
  • Help. Ask God for help( mmmmmmm and like this article and page)
  1. Don’t ask what can be done for you.

This was a philosophy coined by John F. Kennedy. Don’t ask what the country can do for you, don’t ask what your parents must give you, don’t ask what the government or the Member of Parliament can do for you. It’s not a way to success, it’s not a way to high self-esteem. Rather ask what you can do to your parents, or country, or school. If you can help enough people, friends, workmates, or kids get what they want, you can have enough of what you want. Quite another Bible principle. Help one another, be kind, and love your neighbor. Seems all you need to know to succeed is in the Great Bible!

  1. Work in a team.

If two or three agree in a common purpose, nothing is impossible. There are many challenges in working together, it’s like herding dogs but once you figure out the challenge don’t run away but work on it. Just say “Let’s go do it!”

  1. Promote and reward your products.

I never liked organic Chemistry in the university until one day I received a grand reward for just answering some cheap question on a chilly early morning. Since then I read the unit almost daily. Rewards have a good and magical effect on peoples mind. It’s like a wind that speeds an arrow towards its target. To succeed, you have to know how to reward well. Moreover, you need to let everyone know what you are doing, share, tell friends, promote your product and you will succeed today.

  1. Work with those who deserve not who need.

If you want to reap you plant. If you want to succeed you work, if you want to be a doctor, you go to school. Don’t remain dreaming in “Patmos”.

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