Success today#21


  1. Learn the law of sawing and reaping.

The Bible talks of an AMBITIOUS farmer who had EXELLENT seeds like opportunities, ideas or products. Some fall on the way and the birds take. Some opportunities will be stolen by birds. Godwin is planning to attend a meeting on how to be a better Musician but somebody stole the opportunity and makes sure he doesn’t attend the meeting. Some people will steal the opportunity for sure. You can either choose to go chasing birds which means you leave the field or you keep sowing. This is what the successful do. They don’t stop until they achieve it. The story goes on, some fell on hard ground grow and when the weather gets harsh for the first time, they wither and dry. This was not the farmers making. Bill employs Jane and before the week is over, she stops coming to work. Indeed some will not make when the weather is not favorable, what do you do? Go on. Don’t ask why? Some don’t stay and you can’t change that. The farmer still goes on sowing, meaning he learned to DISCIPLINE his disappointments. He goes on sowing and they fall on thorns. They grow but they are chocked and they die soon or later. There are people who will leave a really big opportunity just coz of cheap things like complains, lies from friends or even fear. Finally the seeds fall on good ground. Note that only if you keep sowing that finally the opportunity will be on a good ground. I mean like it must fall on a good ground if you go on.

  1. Have a personal philosophy, something you believe in.

“My grand-father used to believe in good nutrition. She was good in herbal medicine and always she would just take some herbs and prepare. She would say take this, if it doesn’t kill you it will help you. Indeed it did helped us a great deal. She passed the technology to my mum and am sure to pass it to my kids.” It’s that which you strongly believe in that will take you to the next step.

  1. Profits are better than wages.

Wages make you a living, which is fine and okay but profits make you a fortune, which is super fine, really well. Kids do pay taxes and if you were to buy a bicycle, buy two, one for rent and one to ride. Teach them how to earn profit. Profits are better than wages. It would be better to work fulltime doing your job but remember to work part time for your fortune too. It could be 12 hours a week, which is no big deal. Soon your fortune will be your job.

  1. Have a part time work to do.

Imagine you work part time on something that earns you around ksh 10,000. Could be a small business, or tutoring, or designing something or working on something just part time. Soon from the profit, you improve the business and move on earning and doubling the income. The beauty of part time job is that it changes your life style. A year after working on your part time job you buy another car, one for you and one for her. You can have more money to do a better landscaping round your homestead, you can buy suits, or books. Is that not success?

  1. It’s not what happens that determine your success but what you do.

It’s not the wind that determine the destination of sailors but what they do within the boat to change the direction. The same wind blows on us all. The wind of success, the wind of failure, the wind of determination, the wind of discouragement, the wind of love, the  wind of hate, the economic wind and the social wind as well as political. The difference in the destination is not the blow of the wind but the set of the sail. That’s why we learn, to set and have a better sail than last year. To have a better strategy, better thinking, better plans, better disciplines and changes or better mistakes too.


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