Success today #18

#18 success today

  1. Be Proactive.

A friend of mine used to complain a lot about how the cost of living has greatly increased. He could take hours talking about these pigs in parliament who had always led to the increase in the prices even of basic commodities. Okay, so what !, did he wanted to go to the parliament. ? Ask yourself, what can I do to improve my situation, my environment, my products. Do you really know what this leads to?? It calls for more reading, more research, more focus and ultimately Success. If you fail on this, by default your mind will resort to complains which equal less effort.

2. Dream of what and where you wanna be.

Imagine, its a really rare funeral going on, you stand there looking at the casket, okay its not you but ask yourself, if it were you, what do you want to say about yourself? Do you want to say I have lived a really nice, happy, peachy life? Or I have been a drunkard, a failure and a loser? Or I have run a good race, I have fought and have won? Always remember to ask yourself if you have done and doing what will allow you say that?

3. First things first.

If I were to ask you, What is the most important thing in your life? Basically the most common answer is family, your health, your spiritual well being … Doing the first things first is always one way to success. Dont spent much time watching, or partying, or sleeping when you have more assignments or work to do, or kids to teach, or spouse to love and impress.

4. Success is always a win win.

Today you have  a company selling cars, or maybe, software, or foodstuff. You have more than a thousand customers every week. Then there is another company selling just the same products some distance from you with also about a thousand customers. So you head to their website or blog or page and leave a very bad weird comment hoping his customers will flow to your company. Nay, that is failure. What if you left a good comment and share about them, they will get more customers and do better. The number of customers will increase to thousands. Now that you are like friends, he will recommend you to his thousands customers. That’s the little rule of success. ITs always a win win 1+1=2 . You don’t kill to win 1-1=0

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