Success Today #16

my story

My Story Today

My name is Joshua Kiprono aka Jawshooah. Born almost 21 years ago in a village deep in Nandi County Kenya. I began schooling at the age of four and now am a second year student at The University of Nairobi. When I was young I Used to admire the office of my head teacher. I would watch him swing and enjoy the rare furniture in his office. I always wanted to be in such an office or even a better one.

My parents and siblings have always been behind every success in my life. First, I really dont know if there are better parents than mine. They are just the best. I remember those days when in the elementary school, how dad used to teach us in the evening and mum later. The lessons I learned then have always been in my mind. Sometimes they sound like it was just yesterday.

My high school life was just a normal one not until one day I became the son to the principal and the only male in the family. Since then I used to strive to do better.  Mr. Musamali, The principal used to motivate us a lot. He could talk to us, give us inspirational books, encourage us and do a lot more. Not forgetting the gifts and presents. I learned to focus, to aim at more than success. I remember it was at the same time I came up with the slogan “Operation tafuta A” And i really did all in my power to to get an A. I graduated from high-school finally with an A-.I never knew I can be a motivator until I saw in my high school  leaving certificates a recommendation by the principal that I am a peer motivator. Maybe that is one of the reasons I am writing this blog.

When I finished high-school, I was employed to be a teacher in a primary school and later in a High-school. During the long holiday in first year I got a job in a tuition centre. I taught like almost all kinds of students. I actually learned a lot from there. One of the lessons is the joy of not being told to do this and that. Just doing the best and at your own pace at your own time.

This time during my long holiday I decided to kick off my dream, to be a CEO, to have a good office with good furniture, to help my friends get a job or provide solutions, have a free life where you are not bullied by someone. I was inspired more by a group am in AAYP, a group of young professionals. One of the elders during a motivation session asked me, ” What do you want to be in five years? ” I basically said I want to be a CEO owning a company. He then asked me what have you done?

I have always been enthusiast in computers. Most of my free time in the university is basically spent in writing some codes or algorithms, creating websites or reading stuff on computer science. I did started a company and named it Jawshwood ltd. One of the key services we offer is to create very interactive websites that are very attractive. It is true no one spends time in some website that looks like one coded 15 years ago. Everyone wants an animated website, with videos, cartoons, animations and looks just awesome and worth trying to click. We also create wedding websites or any ceremony and on-line Resume. The aim behind all we do  is to create the best website in the world one day, and most attractive.

From the articles I write, I have learned a lot on how to be successful. I always research on what one can actually do to be successful today and be happy today and tomorrow. The articles have also motivated me to do what I always admired to do. To type the keyboard without having a look at it and a super fast rate. This is what I just used to see in movies. In reality I have seen only one guy do that. Success is real only if you think of a different angle. One of reason why Steve Jobs Succeeded is because he was always thinking different. He came up with Macintosh, many bought it, he came with the mouse, and the world moved, he came up with Ipad, came with Iphone and mac and so on. Quite a lot of creativity.  His believe was ” Do great work and the only way to do great work is to do what you love.”


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