Success today #15


  1. The big part of success is failure.

It is quite impossible to live without failing in something. To some point it is inevitable unless you are too careful not to even lift a toe. Those actually fail by default. The best way to overcome failure and walk on it is to do what you love, that which is your passion, that which you are confident about. Remember, while ther are constant battles and failures to fight, there are also more precious victories to gain and enjoy.

2. Be determined.

Be determined to be useful and efficient, faithful and successful. Doctors, teachers, lawyers, programmers, engineers, men and women of trade and many other professions educate themselves with a determination to be intelligent masters in what they do. Else they fail.

3. Love what you do.

Everyone has the capacity to continually improve mentally, in work, efficiency and more. The best way to do grat work that lead to success is to do what you love. When you do what you love, you engage your mind and body to do the best. Research show that the reason why many people fail is because what they are doing is not what they want to do. Do what you love.

4. Do the work that do matter most.

Everything we do comes with a choice. When you have a choice, ask yourself, what does it matter most? is it school or games? is it reading or sleeping? is it a tablet or a laptop to buy, is it family or friend?

5. Be true to yourself.

What matters most to to undderstand who you are, to know what you are capable, to know what you love. If you do know who you are, you are on the path to success.

6. Follow your passion.

Be willing to follow your passion regardless of whether it will lead to fame or fortune.


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