Success today #14


    1. Know the laws that govern Mind and body.

    It is the duty of every person who want to be successful to inform himself in regard to the laws of life. Understand the functions of various organs especially the way the mind influence the body and how the body influence the mind. Understand and be very informed on this.

    1. Train and discipline the mind.

    No matter who you are the lord has trusted you with very powerful mind which is subject to improvement. You can plant a talent, tender it and develop it. Soon enough it will yield very sweet fruits of success. The only way to develop the mind is to plant seeds like to go to work in the fear of God, with humility, heart to learn, resolute purpose and discipline.

    1. Tame your tongue.

    Ever wondered how a big boat, driven by wind is controlled by just a small rudder?  Or how a big big forest can burn down with just a spark ? The same is for the tongue. Learning to tame it is the basic to succeed. Control it and it will help and make you succeed. Misuse it and it will ruin you. Don’t be deceived that you can use the tongue for whatever you wish. There is no stream or source of water that can produce fresh and salty water at the same time!

    1. Constantly seek higher attainments.

    The best teacher is the one who always has different methods and techniques to employ. He does not repeat the same words, use the same notes, use the same story blab la bla every year.

    He or she constantly looks for better options or methods. The same with a man who want to succeed. He must have better thoughts and methods each and every time. He must learn to do things in a better way.

    1. Know yourself.

    To know who you really are is a great knowledge. Do you know you are a wonderful person? Do you know the successful are no better than you? Do you know you are capable? Do you know you can get to higher standard? And by the way no one will ever like those are just satisfied with low standard.


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