success today #13


  1. Obey your parernts.

For sure no one cares about you exept your parents. they are the only ones who provide to you when you have nothing to eat. When you are crying they are always there to solve problems. They ae the only ones you can be sure they love you with all their heart. They are the only one who work for you yet you dont pay.

2. Keep your health and take care of it.

Indeed we both know success is destroyed by poor health. Today choose to live a healthy live. Remember an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Avoid junk food and flesh. You want to have a long successful life? then be a vegetarian.

3. Know little in much but not much in little.

William James Sidis is believed to be the human with the highest IQ ever. Some say it must be around 250-300. He could read English at the age of two…. Like fluent English. At the age of 4 he could write pure literature. He joined harvard university at the age of nine, but enrolled at the age of 11. And at the age of five he came up with a calender which he could you to name day of the week of any year. He knew more than 40 languages. Some say he would read a dictionary today of some language and tomorrow he is fluent. He did a lot.. So why do you think you know much that you cant go on reading.. Know much and you will be successful.

4. Learn to listen more.

The common thing with most successful people is they know how to listen. Complains and arguments.. Leave that to the fools, wicked,cartoons, and the weird guys. Listen and pick what will help you move forward.


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