Success today #12


Dear success,

I have always hated you….

I have always run away from you as if you are just a skunk,

Always hiding when I hear you coming.

When I see you, I dash into a corner and sit waiting you to pass and maybe pick me up but

You have never even held my hand for am always unseeeable…

Why do you always demand hard work?

Why do you hate excuses and complains when it’s just…..

The easy thing to do?

Why do you always demand that I sweat, go through pain and get hurt?

Will you ever be easy to find?

And why do 97% hate you too when you are just good? Really?

Oh I forgot 90% just wait for you.

Many are just afraid of you. They think you are a king maybe.

Or maybe they have seen your name make some guys great.

Is there anything you cant do?

I know you make us cry, hope, happy, great, marvel, hunky-dory, or peachy. Seriously ..?

Imagine I have changed my attitude just to find you.

Am not gonna give up. Am not gonna stop trying,

You going to be my best friend when I find… Ill code some algorithm so my friends can find you too.

I have run this race even though some pull me back but I will gather more power to pull them too.

If the going gets tough I will get tougher too.

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