Success today #11


  1. Roll on like a dice. 

When a dice is tossed, no one really knows which face it will lie on. Its very unpredictable. So if you want to succeed, dont be predictable in the good you are doing. Have the hard game plan, the plan that is always a step ahead.

2. Learn to wake up always early.

Dont be a sleeping lion which is as good as dead. Always just wake up early, even if you think you have no game plan for the day.

Everyone has at some point realized the reality of this. There is this man in back in the village, he has a car, a good house, one that you can really admire, good wife, really bright children and if you happen to visit, maybe to borrow water, you will always leave baffled and happy. The head of the family is rarely seen though Jobless. Why? he is the early bird who goes for the fat worm. He knows that success only comes with hardwork. Maybe this is why Mr. Siyoi my high school teacher was always disgusted with those who were late for morning preps.

3.Whatever you want to do, do it now.

Indeed there are many tomorrows, but tomorrow will be shaped by what you do now, what you do today, what you decide now.  Success is for today only, not tomorrow for who knows what holds tomorrow?

4. Know that you came to this world naked and you gonna leave it likewise, naked. 

Pause a little, did I just said you will leave naked? how true is that? Ahem.. okay I know that when you leave this world you have to options, to wake and go heaven or…daaaah hell.  You should set maybe your alarm to always remind you one day you will die. Success is not piling cash in your bank, or buying a plane, or owning a big company, or being Nero of today. Its basically being happy today.

5. Its not enough to want, go for it. 

by Jawshooah


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