Success today#8


  1. Use creative visualization.

Athletes usually do this.  They visualize in meticulous, high def. detail how they will prepare for, start and win the race. This usually works and more so, it’s fun. If you want to succeed, visualize the success you want. Visualize what you need for the preparation, starting, progress, failures, wins and what you want to do after. By doing this you do create new neurons.

  1. Think big, great, in HD.

Your mind is made in such a way that it learns and accommodates new things no matter how complex. I used to have this problem with typing my keyboard but after learning, I don’t have to look at the keyboard. If you really want to succeed, you got to train yourself to do big and great things.

  1. Be patient.

As the saying goes, patience pays. Some just think it’s really easy and fast to succeed. You don’t go to elementary school this morning and by evening you are in the university. You have to learn to be patient and persevere to gain the reward of success.

  1. Do what you can to your best.

One day in the afternoon, Deep in the countryside’s of Nandi in a village named sochoi, A young lad, almost 18 years old was walking along the road. Ahead of him was a number of cattle. It was a sunny September evening and the sides were flourishing and blooming with flowers. Some yellow, some purple some white, some pink but mostly white. You could even smell the sweet fragrance unless suffering from flu. He kept whistling and just building castles. I wish I will be successful one day. He kept thinking about the road to success but failed to see a way through.

 “Please help me with even a 20 shilling coin. I and my seven kids have had nothing to throw into the  stomach. We have nothing to do. We have some shamba but we can do nothing with it. No one will help   us with the money to plough, no one will help us with money to feed the kids so they can go to school. I can’t go and look for some job, even the simple ones because I have not taken any food for days. I can’t start anything.”

These were some of the words he overheard some lady while looking after the cattle in some nearby village.  He knew there has to be a way. There has to be someone who can help, the has to be something one can do in her case, it doesn’t have to be help every day.






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