Success today #6


  1. Face only that which will empower you to be better. Its true many stones and apples will be thrown to you each and every day. Take the apples, the good comments and recommendations and leave the stones, what will hurt you.
  2. Its up to you to choose. You make the decision to be successful. If you have not decided to succeed, Today, right now is the time to make the choice.
  3. Take full control of your mind. Be the one to tell it what to do and be sure what it commands is a function that leads to a desired outcome. You got to tell it to wake you up early, to stop wasting tome, to act on the dream
  4. Think positively always. One day as I walked with my brother, we came along a very dirty ditch and I asked him .. who is responsible for this. He said to me… Stop looking at the ugly sides and look at the bright. Look at the sky or ahead or the beautiful buildings around or ….. You got to look at the positive if you wanna succeed.
  5. Do not complain.

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