Success today #5


  1. Do not quit. Someone said life is like an onion, You peel it piece by piece and sometimes its gonna make you cry. If you wanna succeed you gonna have to work hard and keep on. Cry but dont quit.
  2. There is power in a dream. Create a big dream that you want to be and you will be successful.
  3. If life is like an onion, what must you do to keep on? Surround yourself with quality people who love you. Make friends and you will succeed. However take care when making a friend.
  4. Be generous. You may have a billion but if you are not generous you are a failure. Ever watched “Three Idiots?” Success comes from being generous and helping your fellow.
  5. You got to be hungry. Hungry to win your dream. NO ONE BELIEVES IN YOU BUT you have the power to change that by first believing in yourself. Its not over until you win, until you achieve the dream. That’s success.

by Joshua


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