Success today #4


  1. Feel the pain. No pain no gain. Whoever wants to succeed must endure it fully. Success is the ultimate reward of perserferance and pain.
  2. Fear God and keep his ways. God is the one who showers us with blessings. We gotta do our part faithfully in obeying Him.
  3. Always remember that one day you gonna die. My deskmate Milka, passed a few days ago, I kept thinking of those days when we used to smile, when we used to share our big dreams, when we used to work on practicals, when we used to …. Today realize you gonna die soon, work hard so when your day comes you can look back and say it has been a nice life.
  4. Get out of your comfort zone. Don’t talk of your situation, or your challenges, or your troubles, or your parents, or your economy, or your color, or your house, or your needs. If you wanna be successful, you gonna need to leave the letup zone.
  5. Are you happy, and if you not happy… whats holding you back. To be successful is to be happy. You may have whole the world but if you not happy, you ain’t successful. So today be happy and keep a smile.

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