Success today #3


  1. Surround yourself with the smart. If you are smart enough you must know that you don’t know everything but you learn more being around the smart.
  2. Take the responsibility. If you be in school, take the responsibility to learn, find your passion, try what you good at, focus.. listen to your parents, if a teacher, take the responsibility to inspire, if a parent, be responsible to encourage and show true love.
  3. Work for it. There is no excuse for not trying. Not lack of money, not drunk parents, not bad friends who encourage you to do wrong, not the look, not the bullying, nothing. You just need the goal and work for it.
  4. The truth is success is hard and rarely do you succeed just the first time. Actually in reality as its said the successful are the ones with largest number of failures.
  5. Ask for help. Its a show of strength. But be careful of who you ask to help. Some hate you for the progress you make and will mislead. Make your parent #1

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