White sands digs wells around my feet,
When blue waves come rushing to greet and just as quickly they retreat
Ah! The beautiful isle of cretes

As peace settle upon me,I think how blessed to be free for,all around I can see what it means to be a SHE
So I close my eyes and I wish

For a world where she can travel at night, and  needn’t cower in fright nor wait around for a knight, to set her problems

She need not cover her face with a veil,her house is no longer a closed jail,her life not dictated by a male to obey till she grows old and frail

For a world where she is no man’s property,It doesn’t matter if she’s pretty or that she serves a perfect tea.
She is treated with dignity.

She is looked upon as a human,not single out as a woman,love bestowed only on the son while the poor daughter gets none.

For a world where she can work with a head held high
She need not to depend on the guy
She does not see her dreams die
She always gives it a try..

A world where she has  a voice,
Wea she can make a choice
Lough out loud and make some noise
Celebrate life and rejoice…

Soon warm water hugs my feet
As waves rush back to greet
The sun which sinks to
Meet like two lovers
Old and sweet..

At the sound of gulls cries
Just as the fading light dies
The new moon begins to rise
And I open my hopeful  eyes
For a different world..
..  I wish! I wish! I wish

By Mercy


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