Bright day ahead.

“The sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening, love does not start in the morning and end in the evening but starts when you don’t need it ..ends when you need it most.”


Bright Day Ahead

There are times sometimes,
I just want to hear your phonation,
When the stars are shinning bright,
There are times sometimes,
I just want to see your face,
When its beautiful with a smile.

All these years I have loved you,
I have enjoyed holding you in my arms,
I’ve been working and walking for you,
Every night I’ve been watching all the stars,
Wishing you will always be with me.

I just can’t move on,
For you are always on my face,
You were just a dream achieved,
I just never thought it was possible,
This world has nothing so better than you,
You are all I need to be with.

Indeed time changes again and again,
Indeed everything changes with time,
Its always a cycle never ending,
Sure as time keeps on…onwards,
I will always love you forever ,
And grow upwards knowing He loves me.

Each morning I know He is with me,
Each second He lights my path,
Walks ahead of me and removes  thorns,
He assures me of his love giving hope for next.


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