Close of probation study :)

Ecc 12:13-14
Revelation 14
Rev 13-16-17
Rev 14-9 its the last last thing to overcome before Jesus come. God says don’t receive..
Satan says 14:16
Final judgement is on the mark of the beast. Choose Gods wrath or Satan.
Rev 14:1 Gods people have a mark on forehead.. The seal of God. Its also in you right hand. The seal on head mean you accept.. Right hand to mean you act.. God wants entire obedience.. You must believe and accept.

Rev 7:1-3  the winds are last plagues. Nb most of revelation reference to old testament I.e Zachariah 4:2-3 and rev 4:12

Ezekiel 9:1-4 .. Sealing of the ones mourning over bad things in Jerusalem.. 5-7 . The seal / mark then judgement.. And judgement starts with the temple/ church the elders and so on. 1peter 4:17..

What is the seal on forehead? Deut 6:6-8
If its in your head… You have in your hand and leg.
Isaiah 8:16
Exodus 31:16-17
The Sabbath issue is the specific seal. The seal is the one distinguishing fact. Its only in commandment 4 and 2 but specifically on 4.

GC 608 .2  chapter 38.. What is to be sanctified.. As an SDA .. Apply health, obedience to truth.. John 15:8.. All ten commands.. No seal if you don’t have practice.. Romans 4:11.. Says. When a seal can lose meaning. You can’t seal a box of oranges to mean they are oranges when u have apples.

Romans 2:25-26. Sabbath keeping is nothing if you break the rest.

Probation is not closed immediately when Sunday law is passed. But starts then.. It starts now to prepare.. Struggling upwards.

Time of crisis is not time to build character.. It must start now.. You don’t insure a house when it starts to catch fire

Sabbath is real. Its soon gonna be a loud cry. When we see it on papers.. In Parliament.
Remember the Noah’s time? The probation closed when the arc closed then time of trouble for 1 week. Remember its the 3rd angels message that will lead to the Sunday law.

The Sunday law would have been passed but God is restraining for Gods people are not prepared.

Rem the loud cry is not really for adventists .

Ezekiel 20:12.. The Sabbath thing is all about rest.. There was rest in heaven, in Eden later in heaven in other heavens.. The coming of Satan brings unrest. The commands are all about do not do! But the Sabbath.. The origin of Sabbath word is rest too.. So Sabbath is all about resting in God in heaven. Remember the manna thing too..
Isaiah 57


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