Killing the old man

Once upon a time,
There lived ago and agu,
Ago loved her older sister agu,
Agu loved eating food,
Food which ever was sweet!

They lived for years until ears died,
Years have been taking title of days,
Days passed on and agu passed on too,
She left many siblings among them,
Time, Dr second, prof millisecond and rude Hour.

Ago and rude Hour were friends,
They loved agu so much and missed her,
After her dead they seated her corpse ,
And tried to give her the most tasteful food,
But you know what happened.

There is an old man inside us,
Man named flesh fighting God,
He demands sin like lying, fornication,
Stealing, and all kind of,
Day by day we fight it and kill it,

God promises to give us power to,
We kill it by denying sin every second,
When he is dead he will be like agu,
Hour will bring it sweet food he likes,
Like any sin but he will be dead.

Heaven is for those killing the dead man,
Right? Right? Right? Right?
Lets kill the old man,
And be of good character!


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