Sticks and stones!

There is an old children’s chant that goes “sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me”. We all said on the  playground when some guy define  our family or or size of the  noses or our vocals or how our houses run, but even then I think we know it wasn’t true. Words do hurt and even sometimes more than sticks and stones, and wounds from them can last lifetime. Words are powerful. However, Positive affirming words are powerful too. Encouraging words can vanish self doubts in life like sunlight breaking down through the fog. Hopeful words can dispel fear, yes inspire the concavity of ugly pessimistic degrading sounds. The words of Jesus, the lyrics of love, the eternal messages of everlasting life bathe a breaking heart like warm healing bond.

Sometimes we ask ourselves, ” Does loving  living Jesus hear us?”
A small baby walked down the aisle and sat on my feet. I held her close to my heart and I could feel the joy as she looked into my eyes with a benignant smile. she looked calm comfortable and hunky dory. Soon she was asleep on my arms.

At one time we were children. Halcyon and joyful in  the arms of our parents, with no worries  about  tomorrow, with all the nature all around. It is true life must change. I have learned to say,

” Today like an eagle I will race,
I will race above the stars,
Above the stars I will spread my wings,
My wings will fly me into brighter sun,
In the sun I will shine brighter than stars,,
And go beyond my wildest dreams.

Today I will smile and be happy,
Today I will do my best part,
Today I will be kind,
Today not tomorrow!


One thought on “Sticks and stones!

  1. A dream you dream alone
    is only a dream,
    A dream you dream together
    is reality .
    Looking up, a heavy dark cloud
    walking alone is all i did today
    come where green the grass is
    Green the trees are turning
    Have no fear fair lasses
    Every lad is yearning
    people and birds are burning
    All with love the may

    I don’t believe this love to be a sin
    “God invented love .This is beautiful ”
    “Could the devil be tempting us”
    “The devil is an invention of man ”
    “There is no evil”
    “Ugliness is evil”

    Farewell labour day
    Youth’s a brittle jewel
    Grass again is greening
    Age knows no renewal
    Fair ones be not cruel
    To your loves the may

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